What is Oldham Athletic: Bouncing Back?

"We should be making a film about this" is something we've been hearing Oldham fans say for years. Unfortunately, for the last four years, when it would have made a really interesting film, access to the "nitty gritty" was far from forthcoming. However, with a change of ownership, we hope that the club will allow us, as a passionate fan media production team, behind the scenes to capture a new beginning in a new division and make a documentary film

Who We Are

Oldham Athletic fans Matt Dean and Dave Bradley host the live Latics Football Phone In, an off-shoot of the popular Boundary Park Alert System! podcast, which is hosted and produced by Matt and Andy Halliwell, with weekly blog contributions from Arlene Finnigan. As a team, we are passionate about our football club and our town, we don’t make any money from our shows, we do it for love, to engage with others and to keep Oldham fans across the country and the world informed and up to date.


Through our efforts on the podcast, we have helped revive Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation (Matt is now a director of OASF) and have fundraised over £70,000 to help increase our stake in the football club in future. Football clubs like Oldham are integral parts of the community and must be allowed to thrive. We hope our film will help raise awareness of this in Oldham and across the country inspiring others to take direct action to help safeguard their local football clubs.

Why Make This Film?

By the start of the 2019/20 season, Oldham Athletic were in the midst of a steep decline under the ownership of Abdallah Lemsagam. The Boundary Park Alert System! podcast kicked off on the opening weekend of the season and began a process of meticulously chronicling the issues at the club, their origins and most importantly, searching for potential solutions. As a result, after a lot of hard work by the podcast and supporters groups, some great progress was made amongst a newly rejuvenated, engaged and passionate fanbase. However, in April 2022, as fans invaded the pitch in protest, Oldham Athletic, founder members of the FA Premier League in 1992, became the first team to fall from the most glamorous league in the world, into the fifth tier of the English game. We had reached an all time low.

Things didn’t look like they were going to improve much either. Many fans were planning to boycott home games the following season, with the aim of forcing Lemsagam to sell up and move on. However, on 30th June Oldham fans were stunned at the announcement that new owners for the club had been secured and that a takeover led by Darren Royle, son of club legend Joe, was imminent. The disastrous four year tenure of Lemsagam is to be over and a new era can begin. However, the mismanagement and decline of Oldham Athletic started a long time before Lemsagam took office and it will take a complete overhaul of the club from top to bottom in order to put right so many years of neglect and failure.

This film is set to tell the story of Oldham’s first season in the “non-league” , under new ownership and new senior management. We'll follow the first team, and their manager John Sheridan, the new owners and the clubs magnificently loyal supporters as they attempt to make it back to the EFL at the first time of asking. It would be a tremendous achievement considering how difficult the last four years in particular have been. We know there is great interest in the Oldham Athletic story across the football world and this film hopes to show Oldham Athletic: Bouncing Back.

What We Need

In order to make a great film about what will hopefully be a great story, we will need full cooperation from the football club and the new board of directors, which will include:


  • Access to film in and around the first team squad

  • Access to film "behind the scenes" both of the team and backroom staff

  • Support from the media team

  • Access to club copyrighted material

  • Freedom to film on match days

  • Freedom to capture the "rough" with the "smooth"




We have created a company - KUPOD Productions to produce the film. We are self-funding the initial stages but we believe that their will be sufficient interest within the fanbase and wider football community to raise enough capital to fund the film by crowdfunding the project. The funds will be to cover:


  • Equipment purchase and hire

  • Professional services hire

  • Travel expenses

  • Marketing costs

  • Additional unforeseen expenses




We hope that you will see the numerous benefits of a project like this and want to support us in our efforts. We can't do it without you and we hope that what we produce together can be a lasting reminder of how Oldham Athletic was transformed, serving as an inspiration to other clubs and fans across the world.

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